Frequently Asked Questions

Does DHMA provide transportation to and from the airport?
Yes, we do; however, if you want to do some sightseeing in beautiful Colorado during your free time, we suggest renting a car.
What airport do we fly into?
There are two airports to choose from – Denver International Airport (DIA) or Colorado Springs Airport (COS). Fares through DIA are more economical than COS. DIA is about an hour and a half from DHMA, and COS is about 45 minutes from DHMA.
Will Donnie Hansen be at all the camps or schools?
Donnie teaches all his classes personally, and is available after the sessions to talk to students about their training.
I am a beginner rider (either trail riding or racing), will DHMA able to help me if I’m not experienced?
Yes, whether you are riding or racing, DHMA works with beginners of all ages.
Do I get enough riding time or is it mostly classroom training?
Instruction is all on-the-bike. You will also have free riding time.
I am an advanced racer, can DHMA help me?
Absolutely! Donnie knows what it takes to be the best and he will push you to improve your lap times and finishes
Are there things to do in the area for my family or me during my free time?
Yes, there are many local attractions including Pikes Peak, Garden of the Gods, Cripple Creek, Seven Falls, River Rafting and much more.
Am I required to have health insurance?
Yes, you must have health insurance. If you need additional short term insurance (i.e. foreign riders or no insurance) click the link below Short Term Health Insurance for Motocross is Available Here (this should be a link to www.ridersurance.com) ( Dave - I’m working on contacting them and will let you know when their coverage for our students is confirmed to be able to add this question to the FAQ list)

What forms are required?
If you are under 18 than a parent needs to sign the minor release form.  Parents that do not stay with their rider during the week must assign someone to be the healthcare surrogate, either a guardian or DHMA.  Parents of riders under 18 that do not come to DHMA must sign, have notarized and send the appropriate form below:

Required liability forms can be found here: (Dave -These need to be linked to the site)
DHMA Release Form (Adult)
DHMA Release From (Minor)
Parental Consent/Healthcare Surrogate Designation
Designation of Minor Child’s Health Care Surrogate

How fast do I need to be?
Training sessions are for riders of any age and all skill levels, but you must be familiar with your bike, and able to start and stop on your own.

Do I need to bring equipment and bikes?
Training is always better when you are on your own bike; however, DHMA has bikes for rent if you are unable to bring your own. If you bring your own bike, it must be in good operable condition before arriving (sprockets, tires, levers, etc.)

Do you rent bikes?
Yes. The cost is $100.00 per day. We require a $250.00 deposit on a credit card to cover damage during your rental, i.e., bent levers, bars, sub-frame, etc. Normal wear and tear is excluded.
What if I get hurt and can’t attend?
If you are unable to attend your class due to injury you may reschedule for any camp within 12 months, as space allows.